Post-Institute Consumer Engagement Technologies Summit

The OPEN MINDS Consumer Engagement Technologies Summit

June 6, 2019 | 8:00am – 4:00pm

Sheraton New Orleans | New Orleans, Louisiana

As consumers’ adoption of digital technology in their health service continuum increases, the demand for, and sustainability of, traditional models of service delivery will decrease. Executives need a proactive plan to integrate new digital technologies into their service system—to both increase consumer preference for their services and decrease service cost. But implementing a new technology can have far-reaching implications for an organization’s clinical operations, financial sustainability, and consumer relationships. Digital treatment technologies need to be integrated into existing treatment protocols, clinical teams need to accept and learn to excel in using these new tools, and consumers need to feel comfortable and empowered to play a new role in their care.

During this summit, we will review emerging trends in consumer treatment technologies, explore the new digital treatment options, hear case study presentations from organizations that have successfully incorporated consumer technologies into their programing and discuss how executives of provider organizations can incorporate new technologies into their strategy.

8:00am – 9:00am – Continental Breakfast

9:00am – 10:00am – Imagine The Possibilities: Addressing The Technology Challenges & Opportunities For Behavioral Health Care Provider Organizations

Innovation in the Behavioral Health tech space is moving at light speed. For providers, it’s nearly impossible to keep pace and make informed decisions when assessing which technologies are best for their organization. In this session we’ll review the current behavioral health technology landscape; discuss the challenges and obstacles (real or perceived) to adopting new technologies; and share ideas and strategies to help providers assess and adopt technologies with purpose and confidence.

Featuring Chris Williams, MA, Senior Associate, OPEN MINDS

10:00am – 10:30am – New Directions Behavioral Health’s Partnership With Talkspace, Offering Online Text, Voice & Video Messaging Therapy

In 2018, New Directions Behavioral Health launched a partnership with Talkspace to connect their consumers with online text, voice, and video messaging therapy. Learn how New Directions recognized the need to expand its consumer engagement channels, why they chose to partner with Talkspace and what their outcomes have been to date. Also discussed will be the “lessons learned” as well as the essentials for a successful implementation.

Featuring Andrea Auxier, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Product Development, New Directions

10:45am – 11:15am – Time Is Money – Using Mobile Assessments To Shorten Wait Times, Reduce Errors, & Improve Staff Efficiencies

In 2018, Monarch in North Carolina partnered with their EHR vendor to create and implement mobile assessment forms into their client intake and screening process. The assessments in Phase I included the PHQ9, Social Determinants of Health, and Client Surveys. Since the mobile assessments were adopted, Monarch has realized significant improvements in staff efficiencies, the accuracy of client data in the EHR, and operational cost savings. In this session, Chris Thompson will walk attendees through the Monarch process to initiate, implement, and continually assess the effectiveness of integrating mobile assessments into their client intake and screening processes.

Featuring Chris Thompson, MHA, Chief Operating Officer, Monarch

11:30am – 12:00pm – Robotics, AI, & Smart Homes: How Emerging Technologies Can Promote Engagement

Technology plays a central and critical role to our daily lives, and permeates our social, cultural, economic, and health systems. But how can we apply these innovations to an increasingly isolated and disengaged population of older adults, and address the healthcare challenges of an aging society? This session will explore the opportunities for engagement, higher quality care, and technology diffusion through some case studies on the impact of emerging technologies among older adults and their care circles.

Featuring Davis Park, Executive Director, Front Porch Center for Innovation & Wellbeing

12:00pm – 1:30pm – Lunch

1:30pm – 2:00pm – Technology & Rethinking Mental Healthcare

Grand Lake Mental Health Center serving rural communities in northeastern Oklahoma, has helped develop a first responder mobile application that connects first responders and police departments with mental health professionals while they’re working with persons in crisis. Working directly with an LMHP allows first responders to prepare for situations before they arrive. The first responder application also allows the person in crisis immediate access to a LMHP, giving clients better care by providing services for them as soon as first responders arrive in the least restrictive environment available.

Featuring Larry Smith, CPRSS, Chief Operating Officer, Grand Lake Mental Health Center, Inc.

2:15pm – 2:45pm – TeleMAT: A Practical Solution For Under-Resourced Rural Communities

In rural communities wrestling with the opioid crisis, TeleMAT programs have emerged as a rare practical solution for understaffed, under-resourced communities. Only 34 percent of rural adults say that it’s easy to access treatment for addiction to prescription drugs or heroin in their community, and only 38 percent are confident that they could find care that is effective, covered, convenient or affordable. At the same time, overdose rates are rising year over year in rural areas.

In this presentation, Dr. Neal Bowen will discuss the challenges that need to be addressed in rural communities, present best practices in building a successful TeleMAT program, and highlight how HMS is pursuing TeleMAT to help overcome their communities’ challenges. As providers of last resort care in their communities, clinics in rural areas are often understaffed and lack the resources needed to run a traditional MAT program, such as finding a physician in low provider density areas licensed to prescribe Suboxone. TeleMAT helps optimizes cost and resources, making it one of the most powerful tools to help communities in their fight against opioid addiction.

Featuring Neal A. Bowen, Ph.D., Chief Mental Health Officer, Hidalgo Medical Services

3:00pm – 4:00pm – Town Hall Discussion

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