Children’s Services Leadership Summit

The OPEN MINDS Children’s Services Leadership Summit

June 4, 2020 | 8:00am – 4:00pm

The landscape for autism service delivery and the financing of those services is in a state of flux: The prevalence of individuals with a diagnosis of autism is increasing, there are more consumers with co-morbid conditions impacting their treatment and social support needs, there is new state legislation mandating the coverage of specific therapies and treatments, there is a growing shortage of board certified behavior analysts (BCBA), and there are new technologies and program innovations reshaping how we think about treatment. Combined, these factors are presenting new challenges—and opportunities—for specialty provider organizations serving children and youth with autism.

This year, The 2020 OPEN MINDS Children’s Services Executive Summit is focused on the market factors that are reshaping service delivery in the autism space and the new opportunities for provider organizations serving the autism population. This one-day intensive summit will cover the key issues that are shaping the field, bringing together key executives from payer and provider organizations, market trend setters, and industry thought leaders.

The day will start with a big picture overview of key market trends, followed by a panel of health plan representatives who will discuss how their organizations are approaching financing and care management with the autism population. In the afternoon, we’ll hear exciting case studies from provider organizations that have developed innovative programs for children and youth with autism—they will discuss their models, their program outcomes, their plans for the future, and their advice for other provider organizations. The day will close with a panel discussion on the new technologies that are shaping the course of autism treatment.

This event is essential for any provider organization executive currently serving children and youth with autism, those thinking about expanding their services, or those interested in providing a new service to a new population. Register today for all the essential tools your team needs to build a successful strategy for serving the autism market.

Sean Klutinoty, MBA, Senior Associate, OPEN MINDS